Software - All
Software - All
Name Version Info Description
3D-ObjectED.lha 1.0 More Low level 3D-object editor. 
8SVXtoXXX.lha 1.4 More Sample converter (IFF-8SVX to other formats). 
ActivateWindow.lha 1.3 More A tool to activate, move a window to front or back. 
AddLF.lha 1.0 More A tool to fix Line Feed in text files. 
AllKeys.lha 2.40 More A tool to map all rawkeys including MultiMedia-keys. 
AmiVNC4.lha 2.2.0 More Experimental VNC server for AmigaOS4. 
AmigaAMP-Prefs.lha 1.25 More Official preference tool for AmigaAMP. 
Annotate.lha 3.0.1 More A sophisticated text editor. 
Annotate_src.lha 3.0 More Annotate source code (GPL). 
BackUp.lha 1.91 More A simple to use/smart backup-tool. 
BCopy.lha 1.0 More Copy command (mainly) for maxtransfer errors. 
BetterString_E.lha *.* More AmigaE module for the MUI-class (11.5). 
BookCon.lha 1.4c More Hotlist/Bookmark - Converter. 
Cathedral.lha 1.32 More Creates phat reverb effects on samples. 
CDDA2AIFF.lha 1.2 More Creates AIFF files out of CDDA files. 
CD-Worm.lha 1.04 More Funky snake game. 
CodeAudio.lha 3.12 More GUI for MPEG/OGG Audio-encoders. 
ColdRebootPatch.lha 1.3 More This is a patch for the ColdReboot() function in Exec. 
CyberLemmings.lha 1.1 More Themeable workbench pets. 
DagensTV.lha 1.42 More Viewer for the TV-guide from 
DECH.lha 1.50 More AmigaE-Compiler Handler. 
DeeJayD.lha 0.2 More DJ type music player with X-fading and effects. 
DeStart.lha 2.0 More A program selector (during startup). 
Detris.lha 3.11 More Tetris clone with lots of features. 
DigiConverter.lha 1.4 More Decimal, binary and hexadecimal converter. 
DRemind.lha 1.72 More Reminds you about whatever you want. 
EasyHex.lha 1.1 More Prints out the 256 first bytes of a file. 
E-Developer.lha *.* More Modules + examples for AmigaE programmers. 
ExeCom.lha 1.3 More Compliment for "execute command". 
FileCleaner.lha 1.03 More A very handy filename "cleaner"- program. 
FileComp.lha 1.0 More A tool for comparing two files. 
fxBlankers.lha 1.3 More Effectful screenblankers. 
GummiSurf.lha 1.4 More A companion tool for download managers. 
JoinSplitter.lha 1.4 More File splitter/joiner (compatible with join etc...). 
LPFilter.lha 1.0 More Low pass filter for AIFF-files. 
Macc.lha 1.1 More Mouse accelerator with a couple of settings. 
MapMenu.lha 0.1 More A tool to map the Menu-key on a PC-keyboard. 
MDP.lha 1.01 More Makes DeliTracker playlists from DOpus lister. 
MemWatch.lha 1.0 More Memory monitor (both graphical and text). 
MiniHex.lha 1.1b More System-friendly Hex-Editor. 
ModHandler.lha 1.12 More Handle modules in dir(s) or disk(s). 
Mousemeter.sbar.lha 1.3 More A mousemeter which records your movements and clicks. 
MPlayer-GUI.lha 1.61 More GUI for the superb videoplayer - MPlayer. 
MultiRen.lha 1.71 More Very powerful multi-file renaming tool. 
NewWBPattern.lha 1.1 More Utility to change WB-backgrounds on-the-fly. 
OnyxBase.lha 2.1 More Easy-to-use address book manager. 
Onyx Prelude.lha 1.2 More Fresh mixer for the Prelude sound cards. 
ParIR.lha 1.0 More Parallel IR receiver and audio over TP transmitter. 
QuickNote.lha 1.4a More A scrap-note window (like post-it notes). 
QuickSketch.lha 1.03 More A sketch-note tool. 
RecentFiles.sbar.lha 1.1 More A recent file information screenbar module. 
SelmasMemoryGame.lha 0.2 More A little MUI-based memory game. 
SetTaskPri.lha 1.1 More Sets the priority of a task/process. 
Snakee.lha 0.2 More A little snake game (MOS and AmigaOS). 
SnapIT.lha 1.5 More Powerful screen grabber. 
SpeakerRangeTester.lha 1.0 More Tests the frequency response of speakers. 
TIPic.lha 0.23 More Picture-viewer for TI's graphical calculators. 
UTF-8.lha 1.2 More Enables UTF-8 handling in the system. 
WarpSCUMM.lha 0.2.0 More A SCUMM VM-interpreter for the Amiga. 
WarpSDL.library.lha 0.4 More A shared SDL-library for easy porting. 
WiiLoader.lha 1.2 More Nintendo Wii - homebrew channel loader. 
XMasBench.lha 0.3 More Christmas decoreate your workbench. 
Zapper.lha 0.10 More Modifies the ZipWindow() behaviour. 
ZapperNG.lha 1.2 More Modifies the ZipWindow() behaviour. 
ZoomIT.lha 1.3 More MUI-based magnify/zoom application. 
ZoomIT.pobj.lha 1.2 More Zoom tool for Ambient panels (MorphOS 3.2+). 

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