Software - ColdRebootPatch
Name ColdRebootPatch.lha
Version 1.3
Requirements MorphOS 1.x
Author Adam Waldenberg
Short Description This is a patch for the ColdReboot() function in Exec.
Long Description
ColdRebootPatch is a little application patches the ColdReboot() function in exec.
It brings up a requester with a ticking timeout when you press CTRL-LCMD-RCMD (if enabled)
or when an application calls the ColdReboot() function.
It handles reset-handlers (as it still calls the original function once resetting)
and it can be configured by passing argumnents to it via a shell or by configuring the tooltypes in the icon.

It is possible to enable "patching" of the keyboard-reset and also change the default timeout of a requester.
ColdRebootPatch supports a "whitelist" that lets you disable the patch thus forcing a reboot when a certain
task calls it... Applications like HDToolBox and SCSIConfig are natural candidates for this list,
as they bring up their own requesters anyway.

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