Software - Utilities
Software - Utilities
Name Version Info Description
ActivateWindow.lha 1.3 More A tool to activate, move a window to front or back. 
AddLF.lha 1.0 More A tool to fix Line Feed in text files. 
AllKeys.lha 2.40 More A tool to map all rawkeys including MultiMedia-keys. 
AmiVNC4.lha 2.2.0 More Experimental VNC server for AmigaOS4. 
Annotate.lha 3.0.1 More A sophisticated text editor. 
Annotate_src.lha 3.0.1 More Annotate source code (GPL). 
BackUp.lha 1.91 More A simple to use/smart backup-tool. 
BookCon.lha 1.4c More Hotlist/Bookmark - Converter. 
ColdRebootPatch.lha 1.3 More This is a patch for the ColdReboot() function in Exec. 
DagensTV.lha 1.42 More Viewer for the TV-guide from 
DeStart.lha 2.0 More A program selector (during startup). 
DRemind.lha 1.72 More Reminds you about whatever you want. 
ExeCom.lha 1.3 More Compliment for "execute command". 
FileCleaner.lha 1.03 More A very handy filename "cleaner"- program. 
FileComp.lha 1.0 More A tool for comparing two files. 
fxBlankers.lha 1.1 More Effectful screenblankers. 
GummiSurf.lha 1.3 More A companion tool for download managers. 
JoinSplitter.lha 1.4 More File splitter/joiner (compatible with join etc...). 
Macc.lha 1.1 More Mouse accelerator with a couple of settings. 
MapMenu.lha 0.1 More A tool to map the Menu-key on a PC-keyboard. 
MiniHex.lha 1.1b More System-friendly Hex-Editor. 
ModHandler.lha 1.12 More Handle modules in dir(s) or disk(s). 
Mousemeter.sbar.lha 1.3 More A mousemeter which records your movements and clicks. 
MultiRen.lha 1.71 More Very powerful multi-file renaming tool. 
NewWBPattern.lha 1.1 More Utility to change WB-backgrounds on-the-fly. 
OnyxBase.lha 2.1 More Easy-to-use address book manager. 
QuickNote.lha 1.4a More A scrap-note window (like post-it notes). 
QuickSketch.lha 1.03 More A sketch-note tool. 
RecentFiles.sbar.lha 1.1 More A recent file information screenbar module. 
SnapIT.lha 1.5 More Powerful screen grabber. 
UTF-8.lha 1.2 More Enables UTF-8 handling in the system. 
WiiLoader.lha 1.2 More Nintendo Wii - homebrew channel loader. 
Zapper.lha 0.10 More Modifies the ZipWindow() behaviour. 
ZapperNG.lha 1.2 More Modifies the ZipWindow() behaviour. 
ZoomIT.lha 1.3 More MUI-based magnify/zoom application. 
ZoomIT.pobj.lha 1.2 More Zoom tool for Ambient panels (MorphOS 3.2+). 

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