Software - Sound
Software - Sound
Name Version Info Description
8SVXtoXXX.lha 1.4 More Sample converter (IFF-8SVX to other formats). 
AmigaAMP-Prefs.lha 1.25 More Official preference tool for AmigaAMP. 
Cathedral.lha 1.32 More Creates phat reverb effects on samples. 
CodeAudio.lha 3.12 More GUI for MPEG/OGG Audio-encoders. 
CDDA2AIFF.lha 1.2 More Creates AIFF files out of CDDA files. 
DeeJayD.lha 0.2 More DJ type music player with X-fading and effects. 
LPFilter.lha 1.0 More Low pass filter for AIFF-files. 
Onyx Prelude.lha 1.2 More Fresh mixer for the Prelude sound cards. 
ParIR.lha 1.0 More Parallel IR receiver and audio over TP transmitter. 
SpeakerRangeTester.lha 1.0 More Tests the frequency response of speakers. 

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