Software - WiiLoader
Name WiiLoader.lha - ReadMe
Version 1.2
Requirements MorphOS 1.x, AROS or AmigaOS 4.x and MUI (Magic User Interface)
Author Stefan Blixth
Short Description Nintendo Wii - homebrew channel loader..
Long Description
WiiLoader is a small utility to load .dol and .elf-files over
network to the Homebrew Channel on a 'patched' Nintendo Wii-console.
This is handy becuase you don't need to take out and copy applications
to the SD-card and then insert it in the Wii again to be able to start
an application.

Just select the file and press send, and voila! the application is started =)

There are similar programs on Windows and Mac, but no program on MorphOS (Amiga).
So to not be forced to start a wintel-machine to transfer files to the Wii,
I created a native application todo the work ;)

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