Software - DeeJay 'D'
Name DeeJayD.lha - ReadMe
Version 0.2
Requirements AmigaOS 4.x and MUI (Magic User Interface)
Author Daniel Westerberg
Short Description DJ type music player with X-fading and effects.
Long Description
NOTE: This is an alpha release which means it may crash and burn anytime
and you can't blame me for it! It also means I would very much get some
FEEDBACK, GOOD AND BAD, as well as CRASHLOGS and a short description if
it crashes. Thanks :)

Features (in the current version)
- Two playlists.
- Full drag'n'drop support of tracks in the playlists and from Workbench.
- Automatic and manual cross-fading between songs in opposite playlists.
- Gapless transitions to the next track with configurable fad-over.
- Silence skipping at the beginning and at the end of tracks to improve the gaplessness.
- Compressor effect for a more dense and loud experience.
- Dynamic Normalizer to level out the volume in and between tracks with unequal recording levels.
- It completely lacks a "Next" button :-)

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