Software - ActivateWindow
Name ActivateWindow.lha - ReadMe
Version 1.3
Requirements AmigaOS 2.x or above..
Author Daniel Westerberg
Short Description A tool to activate, move a window to front or back.
Long Description
This program lets you activate, move to front or move to back a window
specified by its title on the active screen or any screen. The screen
can also be brought to front or put back.

"What would this be good for then", you might ask..?!
Well, lets say you a writing in some program, say YAM or a text editor
or something and then someone writes a comment on IRC, or you what to
change song/volume in your favourite music player without using your mouse.
Then this is a nice program. You just use some program that can execute
commands with a hotkey, like AllKeys or ToolsDaemon to set up this program
with appropriate parameters and assign it a hotkey.

This way you can switch to the IRC/AmigaAMP/DeliTracker/whatever window
without using your mouse :-)

It is also possible to use it to flip screens or just putting the active
window to front or back. Just let it execute on a hotkey from for example

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