Software - GummiSurf
Name GummiSurf.lha - ReadMe
Version 1.4
Requirements MorphOS 1.x, AmigaOS 3.x or AmigaOS 4.x and MUI (Magic User Interface)
Author Stefan Blixth
Short Description A companion tool for download managers.
Long Description
GummiSurf started out as a companion tool for the great download manager Charon.
The latest release has also support for the built-in managers in IBrowse,
Voyager and AWeb aswell.

The main usage is to easy generate a download-list for a download manager if
you have a web page that contains lets say a lot of pictures of some kind
(or any other files aswell). Lets say that there are a gallery containing 20
pages with 10 pictures on each page and their position is the same path on
every page. If we are lucky the names of the pictures are "Pic001.jpg", "Pic002.jpg"
and up to "Pic200.jpg".

This is where GummiSurf is very handy since if we know the first and the last
place we can easy generate a download-list for the download manager without
add every single file manualy.

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