Software - DRemind
Name DRemind.lha - ReadMe
Version 1.72
Requirements Kickstart 2.04 or above and MUI (Magic User Interface)
Author Daniel Westerberg
Short Description DRemind reminds you about whatever you want it to do.
Long Description
With DRemind you will never forget anything anymore when
you are working with your Amiga, as long as you don't
forget to input whatever it is into the program that is ;)

You can input f.ex. when TV-program starts, when people
have birthdays, anniversarys etc., when to pay the rent,
when to do something in the day, the week, the month,
the year...

You name it, DRemind remembers it!

DRemindPrefs is used to create reminds and DRemind will
check when to remind you in the background.

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